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This week, I have been on a whisky diet. 

So far, I have lost 3 days!



Hello and Welcome to Whisky Watch - a website dedicated to one of the world's most popular drinks!

If you're new to whisky - or even an old timer (like me) - this website is for you. I'd like to help by sharing the knowledge that I have gained from my interest in all things whisky, which dates back some 25 years or so. Yes, it's not like I work in the industry, or that I have ever worked in a Distillery; but I sure have visited a lot of them. 🙂

Even if you don't even like whisky, I'm here to help. Lots of people have asked me questions like;
"What is your favourite whisky?"
"What is the best whisky to buy for a friend?"
"What is the right price to pay?"
"If I like one brand of whisky, what else should I try and what should I avoid?"

Following the blogs and looking at the information I will make available will help to broaden your knowledge of the world of whisky, and hopefully provide some help and guidance along the way.

Why not start by downloading the FREE Malt Whisky Flavour Map, shown to the right >>> It is provided courtesy of Diageo group, who are world leaders in the production and sales of some well known Scotch and Irish whisky/whiskey brands.

This map is great for beginners to start broadening your own knowledge of the many different tastes and flavours of whiskies, which are available worldwide with some fairly new Distillers now based in Sweden, India and Taiwan.

My name is Mark and I started off my whisky journey by simply drinking blended whisky, just like my father did, by having a 'whisky chaser' with his beer. After not being able to keep up with my friends drinking copious amounts of beers, I progressed on to drinking whisky for pleasure (not just as a chaser). Over the years my love of this tipple opened up a world of interest and appreciation into the subject of whisky, which dates back to medieval times when the Monks learned how to produce the "Water of Life" - also known as aqua vitae.

Come and enjoy the regular Blogs and download the FREE Malt Whisky Flavour Map, today. Sign up to get more information and start your own journey on a voyage of discovery for the "Water of Life".

slàinte mhath (slanj uh va). ... Slàinte mhath is a toast that literally translates to: 'good health'.

Mark Appleton


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Mark Appleton
November 2019