Deck the Halls and drink some whisky!

Well, it’s that time to sort out the Christmas decorations at The Appleton Arms – a place where whiskies can be sampled whilst taking in the festive spirit – pun intended!

The Appleton Arms

It’s that time of year, again, when we unravel the fairy lights and dust off the baubles to create some festive fun.

We’re lucky, here at Whisky Watch (or unlucky depending upon your liking of decorations), as we also have our award-winning pub shed – The Appleton Arms.

Some of you familiar with Whisky Watch will know a little about The Appleton Arms –  but most probably will not.

Pub Shed Decorations


Being  a whisky lover, sets me off reminiscing of days gone by when I grew up as a small boy in several Greenall Whitley pubs. After collecting far too many whisky bottles to store at home, I followed the advice of a friend and built a pub shed. I even entered it into the “Shed of the Year”’ competition – but that’s a story for another day!

One of the best days for me in the 1970s and 1980s was helping to decorate my parents’ pubs on cold Sunday afternoons over a few drinks, mince pies and Lancashire Hotpot. So, myself and my family are keeping the tradition alive in The Appleton Arms.



So, I have carried on the tradition from my youth and decorated The Appleton Arms – a home to many a whisky tasting sessions with friends and family – and even special guest visitors who made the effort to seek me out and to come and visit the pub shed all the way from New Zealand. A very happy Christmas to Dave and Carol from Christchurch.

And finally.....

Whatever you choose to do over the festive period, let’s all spare a thought for those less well off than ourselves and raise a glass to a better future for everyone in 2020!

All the very best for the Christmas and New Year season of good will to all.



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