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Some gift ideas for Him and Her (comes up on search)

see the hip flask gift at at £7.95 look good. Plus three’s a personlaised and engaravd round, steel version for £24 at . Prices can vary for these so look round but addd he best ones  spotted.

Nicely packaged crystal glass tumbler in bag and gift boxfrom keepitpersonal for £12.99 – maks it quick and easy. Can be person;aid and engraved message of your choice, too. There are all orts around – give one away? One great option is also the globe decanter set for £40 from MenKind which comes with 2 glasses and also a crescent-shaped, wooden stand. VonShef whisky glasses and stones together for £19.99 from VonHaus (links in footer). Finally, the ricking whisky glass and ice ball gift set at £17.95 from  Good old Glencairn glass and also the new one from Belfast!

Have a look a the whisky game board game at for £22 where you know your Bourbon from your single malt to a blended! Work your way around the board  and collect diferent whiskies from around the world to win (not literally, though!). It’s a game of chance with knowledge and twists – I’d lik one hin hint

have you ever thought of buying your loved one a ticket for a blending tasting session ( and I have done one of thse. Glen keith is the main staple of a Chivas whiksies. You can attend one thir labs and crate your one-off 200ml bottle derivd from your vry own palate. It will be a combinsation of floral, citrus, fruity, creamy (Glen Keith) and – if you dare – smoke flavours. you can attend one in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Lds and Glasgow. Only £15. If my science lessons at school involvd whisky, ‘d have probably carrid on with that insta dof trying to learn German.

leqrn german!