We whisky you a Merry Christmas!

5 quick tips for the ideal whisky gift

If you’re looking for that special present for a loved one at the favourite time of year, then look no further!

Christmas really is a great time of year to dig out a dream dram and at a reasonable price, too.

Here are 5 quick tips for looking for the ideal whisky gift.

  1. Whisky comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and has a vast variety of taste and flavour. If you’re unsure what to buy, then choose a blended whisky, or an Irish whiskey. You can’t go wrong with that and they will be reasonably priced at well under £30

  2. If you’re buying for a loved one, and you’re not sure that they like their whisky, then stick with a safe scotch and go for a gentle dram such as the Dalwhinnie single malt whisky or even a blended malt whisky such as the Monkey Shoulder. Both come at the standard 40% alcohol by volume strength and won’t break the bank!

  3. If someone really loves their whiskies, then have a look for a relatively new distillery as they are unlikely to have tried one! There are so many these days such as Annandale, Wolfburn, or how about the (English) Cotswolds whisky? It’s no use picking a very expensive bottle off the shelf, as they may not like the flavour, so get them to try something different and out of their comfort zone! After all, there’s no such thing as a bad whisky – it’s just that some are better than others!

  4. Think outside the whisky box! There are lots of whisky related gifts so not just the spirit itself. Two great, reasonably prices presents are the Glencairn snifter glass or a set of whisky stones which will cool down your Caol Ila but not introduce water into your drink

  5. And finally, any whisky lover should always have a selection of the water of life available to drink and to share with friends. The best of the best is to have a collection of 5 whiskies so, an Irish Whiskey, a good quality blended whisky (such as Chivas Regal), and single malt whiskies coming from the whisky regions including the Highland, Speyside and Island regions

We whisky you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Beer!

The Appleton Arms

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 or so years, it’s not like WhiskyWatch to miss blowing our own trumpet at the slightest opportunity.

We’re lucky, as we have one of the very few pubs open during the lockdown period – and that’s because it’s our very own WhiskyWatch and award-winning Pub Shed!

If you have a spare 15 minutes, then why not have a look at our Facebook Lve broadcast from the Spring where Mark shows you around the joint. 

Just click on the link (shown left). All comments welcome – good or bad.


And finally.....

Whatever you choose to do over the forthcoming festive period, let’s all spare a thought for those less well off than ourselves and raise a glass to a better future for everyone in 2021!

All the very best for the Christmas and New Year season of good will to all.



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