Christmas is coming!

"Jumper round....."

As December approaches, and we face a Christmas like never before, I wanted to reminisce on a whisky gift I received last year, which was different to the usual bottle-shaped kind that I enjoy.

Chistmas jumpers, decorations, mince pies and a dram or two become increasingly significant as we spend more of our time celebrating at home. That’s what reminded me of last year when I got a whisky lovers’ Christmas jumper – handmade by my daughter!

This post is just to say that, whilst many of us may find this Christmas strange and more difficult than usual, Christmas spirit can still be found anywhere (and, in my case, especially in a Macallan 10 year old single malt!).

Stay safe, stay positive and test negative (see what I did there?). Shop local, enjoy the Christmas Season and brighten up your video calls with some Christmas knitwear.

Whatever you do, let’s reminisce on Christmases past, enjoy the best of what we have now, and look forward to future celebrations in better times.

The Appleton Arms

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 or so years, it’s not like WhiskyWatch to miss blowing our own trumpet at the slightest opportunity.

We’re lucky, as we have one of the very few pubs open during the lockdown period – and that’s because it’s our very own WhiskyWatch and award-winning Pub Shed!

If you have a spare 15 minutes, then why not have a look at our Facebook Lve broadcast from the Spring where Mark shows you around the joint. 

Just click on the link (shown left). All comments welcome – good or bad.


And finally.....

Whatever you choose to do over the forthcoming festive period, let’s all spare a thought for those less well off than ourselves and raise a glass to a better future for everyone in 2021!

All the very best for the Christmas and New Year season of good will to all.



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